Kayak Accessories


Comfy seat with hip pads

Grey mini-cell non absorbent seats with an embossed textile covering and attached hip pads Universal fit that can be adjusted by ‘packing out’ if necessary and glued in place easily
Width 380mm Length 340 Height 150mm Customers ordering this seat can request free off-cuts to make a back support for the seat bulkhead

£28 + postage (if ordered separately)


Maroske fittings in ABS

3D Printed maroske fittings in various sizes printed with engineering plastic in Grey or Ivory white They can be glued in place with hybrid polymer sealant and accept bungy or cord up to 6mm thick


… coming soon


‘Slide back’ Skeg unit

ABS plastic Skeg housing unit that is glued into a slot cut in the hull, comes with clever attachment blocks and 4mm ply skeg. Experiment with your own skeg designs using the attachment blocks, alternative skeg shape templates and full fitting instructions included, can be installed in any 3-4mm chinned composite hull as a compromise to having a retractable unit. The housing does not protrude inside the rear compartment, the skeg can also be slid on or off by companion paddlers, whilst afloat.

… coming soon