HUNTER  19  
( Chris Cunningham method )


LENGTH   5.82   ( 19' 1" )
BEAM   0.56   ( 23.5" )
COCKPIT ID.   0.56 x 0.42  ( large ocean style )
WEIGHT   18kg
FOOT MAX  13uk
PADDLER WEIGHT   80kg - 120kg   ( 176lb - 265lb )
MAX PAYLOAD   150kg   apr.

A traditionally constructed 'skin on frame' Inuit style hunting sea kayak made without a mould or strongback. The classic shape of this boat derives from bending two pieces of well matched Gunnel timber outward on two planes simultaneously and then locking this shape in by inserting deck beams. Steam bent ribs are then inserted and pegged into pre-cut mortises. This boat has heavy scantlings and is an 'all weather' robust sea going craft covered with a 13oz polyester skin. All the timbers of this boat ( except the steamed ribs ) have been made from carefully selected re-claimed timber. All fastenings are made from artificial sinew and wooden dowels. The rocker on this boat is accentuated towards the bow and straighter running aft.

Due to the tailored fit of these boats, this one will have a suitability window for paddlers with a certain height weight and leg length (inquire for details).

Boats can be commissioned from new or re-claimed wood to fit all shapes and sizes

Kayaks made from up-cycled wood have a longer waiting time due to constraints on the availability of appropriate material.

Woods used on this boat include red cedar, oak, mahogany, douglas fir, spruce and pine.

Featured boat £2800