Selkie Kayaks is a small independent workshop in Newhaven making high quality wood strip, ply, skin on frame and composite sea kayaks for stock and to order. We also produce the Shrike cnc cut boat kit and usefull fittings for the home builder.

Our focus is on kayaks inspired by and copied from original West Greenland hunting boats made and used by Inuit. Along with other Arctic boats these craft form the bedrock of modern sea kayak designs today.

We extend an open invitation to anyone curious to paddle a plywood Shrike or SOF boat for the first time, to paddle one of ours for free. Its surprising how few sea kayakers have tried these superlight alternatives to heavier plastic boats, many are amazed. Test paddles can be arranged for anyone curious to make there own boat, regardless of where it is bought !

All our kayaks are meticulously hand made using a variety of traditional and modern techniques including steam bending, composite resin lay ups and glue lam veneer forming. The materials we use include new and reclaimed timber, plywood, veneers, epoxy resins, technical fabrics and sinews.

We also run Team Shrike building workshops locally, and with a mobile unit that gets hosted at a venue you organise, enabling groups to build there own kayaks anywhere in Europe or the U.K. Go to the 9 Day Course page to see how this works.


 We occasionally make other small craft from wood or composites, including Cosine wherrys and St Ayles skiffs.
We also have a mould for making GRP Shrike hulls, this can be rented for small production runs.

Skin on frame boats can be made using re-cycled timber (up to 80% ) All our building frames, temporary moulds and strongbacks use re-claimed material, we endeavor to re-purpose suitable marine timber whenever possible. All composites are hand lay up.

Go to the Kayaks section to see what's currently available now, or contact us to discuss what your looking for.

With over 20 years experience constructing and repairing wood and composite boats, we expect the craft made here to last for many decades, when properly maintained.

If you want to find out more about sea kayaking generally and Greenland's awesome legacy of kayak development,  www.kayarchy.co.uk is a great place to start and a wealth of info on the subjects.

Contact or more info

Phone: 07432 511 356