DISKO (Selkie Kayaks)


LENGTH   5.3   ( 17' 4.8" )
BEAM   0.546   ( 21.5" )
COCKPIT ID.   0.79 x 0.425
KNEE HEIGHT   285mm + or -
BACK DECK   0.222
WEIGHT 18-21 kg
FOOT MAX 12.5 max uk

A seriously tough composite hybrid boat, made entirely by hand, based on the Shrike hull design.
Symmetrical epoxy glass and double diolen hull and sides with a lightweight, glassed cedar strip deck.
Steam bent and laminated Key hole cockpit.

Floating bulkheads, Kajaksport rims and hatches, maroske fittings, a Whale-watertight foot bulkhead hatch and a day compartment. Mini-cell foam seat, custom back rest and foot block fitted to your requirements.

The Disko looks and feels like a classic wooden kayak, with the advantages of a super tough, maintenance free hull, a low center of gravity and good stability characteristics combine for easy edging and turning.

These boats can be hand ‘laid up’ to your own specification, and supplied as a hull only, for customers to finish… Call us for details.

This boat delivers the wow factor

Prices from £3000 to £5000 (featured boat £3800)