SHAD   (Kudzu craft)


LENGTH   5.33   ( 17' 5" )
BEAM   0.58   ( 23" )
COCKPIT ID.   0.79 x 0.425
WEIGHT   14.5kg
FOOT  MAX 11.5uk

A very light 'skin on frame' boat made using a hybrid of traditional and modern methods incorporating fuselage frames and longitudinal stringers lashed together with artificial sinew then covered with a 13oz polyester skin that is sealed by painting.

This boat has a relatively low volume and low free-board with little storage space due to the construction method and should be considered a day boat. It has less rocker than other West Greenland inspired designs as well as a bit more beam, this makes it track well but turning will be a little slower.

Primary stability will be reassuring for novice paddlers. This boat would suit Greenland paddle propulsion.
The timber stringers on this boat are made entirely from re-claimed wood, including an old 9" x 2" Spruce floor joist ! Keyhole size steamed oak cockpit ring and foam knee-braces under side deck

Featured boat £2200