LENGTH   5.3   ( 17' 4.8" )
BEAM   0.546   ( 21.5" )
COCKPIT ID.   0.79 x 0.425
KNEE HEIGHT   285mm + or -
BACK DECK   0.222
WEIGHT  FROM 13.5-16 kg
FOOT MAX 12.5 max uk

A very manoeuvrable and lightweight classic West Greenland style hull, highly suitable for Greenland paddle use as well as Euro paddle. The 3mm ply version of this kayak could easily be mistaken for a ‘super light’ carbon boat !

Can include 2/3 watertight compartments, suitable for day paddling and light touring.
3mm or 4mm epoxy ply hull with 3mm top finished in tung oil varnish or paint. Custom foot bulkhead position and deck camber options.
Extra deck lines and maroske fittings can be added as required.
This boat puts a smile on the face of all those who paddle it !

This kayak is also available as a self build KAYAK KIT with an illustrated, comprehensive instruction manual…

Prices from £2200 to £3400 (featured boat 14.5kg £2800)